Our history

Who are we?

Bye Bad Tattoo is an innovative concept, exclusively dedicated to tattoo removal.

This concept was created by a team of professionals who have been involved in the world of medical aesthetics, pigmentation and laser technology for many years.

What each of its members has in common is a love of tattooing, those works of art (or not) anchored on the skin forever.

How did the idea for the concept come about?

The number of tattooed people in the world has doubled in 10 years. It is a real social phenomenon. In some countries, it is a real culture, even a tradition. In others, tattooing represents a way to express one’s personality or to follow the trends. This act consisting in anchoring indelible lines on the skin, has become easily accessible, so much so that many people regret it more or less quickly.

Break-up, changing professional situation, evolution of tastes, badly aged or missed tattoos, the reasons to want to get a tattoo are numerous. Bye Bad Tattoo was born to accompany tattooed people with regrets and those who wish to renew themselves.

Made to measure

Professionals at your service.


Advanced technology.


Always competitive rates.

The Bye Bad Tattoo spirit

Bye Bad Tattoo is a concept through which the eternity of tattooing ends.
A customized service, led by qualified professionals who listen to people wishing to have a new look in complete safety.

Bye Bad Tattoo is first and foremost the perfect mastery of cutting-edge technologies for tattoo removal, such as the picosecond laser, but it is also affordable prices that allow the greatest number of people to remove the traces of the past. Getting a tattoo has never been so easy. As well as tattooing, tattoo removal has nowadays its own sign.

That's the Bye Bad Tattoo spirit.

The multiplicity of expertise

In our Bye Bad Tattoo centers, the most advanced tattoo removal solution on the market is in the hands of a team of experts in laser pigmentation and depigmentation. In fact, our professionals all have significant experience that gives them a real legitimacy in the field of tattoo removal. Thanks to their skills, we obtain the perfect alliance between medical and pigmentary knowledge and laser technology. Only Bye Bad Tattoo has these skills and offers them.

Why choose Bye Bad Tattoo?

Bye Bad Tattoo offers a tattoo removal service like nowhere else, placing customer satisfaction and the result at the heart of its attention. Choosing Bye Bad Tattoo means offering excellence in tattoo removal at the right price. With Bye Bad Tattoo, the tattoo removal revolution is underway. Eternity is over.