Forever is over

Bye Bad Tattoo is an innovative concept, exclusively dedicated to tattoo removal.
It was born to easily accompany the tattooed with regrets and those who wish to renew themselves.
Bye Bad Tattoo is first and foremost a team of qualified professionals who are fully conversant with the most advanced laser technology in tattoo removal.

Bye Bad Tattoo works to make the “price of regret or renewal” accessible to as many people as possible. Excellence at the right price!

Unwrap me!


Made to measure

Professionals at your service.


Advanced technology.


Always competitive rates.

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Rue de la Scie 4 – 3rd floor
Tel. : +41 (0) 22 525 55 98
Mobile : +41 76 525 55 98

W. Haldimand Street 14
1003 Lausanne
Tel. : +41 (0) 21 558 87 97


Rue Chanoine Berchtold 7,
1950 Sion
Tel. : +41(0) 27 525 72 27

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Why get a tattoo removed?

Why get a tattoo removed?

Tattoo removal is a growing trend, for a variety of reasons: aesthetic, family, professional or health reasons. In Europe, public health organizations recommend that only methods that involve a laser beam should be used. Among these, the use of the Picosecond laser is...

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The advantages of the picosecond laser

The advantages of the picosecond laser

How to remove a tattoo by picosecond laser? Tattoo removal is a paradoxical intervention, since it seeks to remove a tattoo without surgery, while the very nature of a tattoo is to be indelible! The Picoway picosecond laser is a real revolution in this respect,...

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