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Ultimate generation Picosecond Laser

Laser technologies are becoming more and more efficient and offer medical and aesthetic treatments with impressive results.

These non-invasive treatments, which are growing rapidly, can provide effective solutions for rejuvenation and firming of certain areas of the body, permanent hair removal, or the removal of pigment spots and tattoos.
The old generation of tattoo removal lasers quickly showed their limits. Indeed, their technology did not allow to treat dark skins, nor certain colors of tattoos. The risk of depigmentation and scarring was high, so the results of tattoo removal with these lasers were uncertain. Although Q-switched nanosecond lasers are still used today, they have been replaced by their much more advanced and faster successors, the picosecond lasers.

Our technology: the latest generation picosecond laser

Bye Bad Tattoo has chosen the most efficient and innovative laser technology available on the tattoo removal market: the picosecond laser. This recent technology offers a pulse duration 1000 times shorter than nanosecond lasers. The pigments of the treated tattoo are fragmented like during a tattoo removal with a nanosecond laser, but in much finer particles, which facilitates their natural elimination by the macrophage cells* of the body. Tattoo removal is faster and the skin is preserved.

* Macrophage cells are cells of our immune system whose property is to ingest and destroy foreign particles.

Thanks to its advanced parameters, this medical laser offers tailor-made treatments according to the tattoo to be removed and the person’s phototype. With its different wavelengths (1064nm, 532nm, 585nm and 650nm), it can quickly remove all tattoo colors, even the most stubborn, without leaving any scars. The results of picosecond laser tattoo removal are proven, this technology is now the best and most sought after.

The advantages of picosecond laser tattoo removal

Fewer sessions

The pigments of the tattoo are reduced to tiny particles and are quickly eliminated by the body, so picosecond laser tattoo removal requires fewer sessions than other lasers.

Effective on all tattoos and all skins

Thanks to its different parameters, all colors and all tattoos can be removed, even those previously treated with traditional lasers. The picosecond laser works on all skin types and all phototypes, from the lightest to the darkest, in complete safety.

More comfort

The picosecond laser is the least abrasive laser on the market and also the fastest, so the treatment it offers is less painful. Thus, side effects are very rare and the redness disappears after a few hours, avoiding social eviction.

Rapid healing

The advanced technology of this laser allows the skin to be detattooed without abrasion, targeting only the pigments of the tattoo. This precision preserves the surrounding areas. The detatched skin heals easily and without leaving any trace or ghost tattoo.

Effective on semi-permanent and permanent makeup

The precision and technology of this laser allow for easy and quick removal of makeup, whether semi-permanent or permanent, on the eyebrows or lips.

Reduced time between sessions

The skin heals more quickly after a treatment, which simplifies the sequence of sessions. They can be performed every 5 to 8 weeks, instead of the mandatory 2 months with another laser. Since healing is a complex process, it is important to respect the skin’s cell renewal cycle in order to obtain an optimal result.

Allows retattooing

Once the treatment is over, the skin is as good as new, without any marks or fragility. It can therefore be tattooed again, 5 to 8 weeks after the last tattoo removal session.

How does picosecond laser technology work?

The picosecond laser emits a beam corresponding to a wavelength. This wavelength, variable according to the colors of the tattoo to be erased, delivers very short flashes of intense light. These flashes come through the upper layers of the skin and are absorbed by the pigments of the tattoo. Following this absorption, the laser light is transformed into energy, fragmenting the tattoo pigment into tiny particles. The pigment microparticles are easily eliminated by the body and its macrophage cells.
Thanks to the professionals at Bye Bad Tattoo and the advanced technology of the picosecond laser, getting a tattoo is now a simple formality.