Feb 2023
Removing semi-permanent or permanent makeup with a picosecond laser

Tattoo removal is an increasingly common procedure in clinics. And for good reason, many women today want to get rid of their outdated or outdated permanent makeup, whether it is on the eyebrows or lips. Indeed, a permanent makeup can quickly become an endless nightmare. Fortunately, thanks to new technologies, especially the picosecond laser, this is possible. Thus, more and more women are resorting to Picosecond laser tattoo removal to erase their semi-permanent or permanent makeup and leave with a totally makeup-free face. The advantages of the Picosecond laser to remove a tattoo or permanent makeup are numerous. Here is what you need to know about removing a semi-permanent or permanent makeup with such a laser.

Removal of permanent makeup by laser: the principle

To effectively erase the traces of permanent or semi-permanent makeup on the eyebrows or lips, laser tattoo removal is the best solution today. The lasers used in tattoo removal have different wavelengths and can erase different colors of pigments. In the application, the waves of these lasers fragment the pigments left by the permanent makeup. This, without damaging the skin. These pigments injected in the dermis during the tattooing burst thus in fine particles of ink. These will be eliminated naturally in the skin.

The picosecond laser is equipped with a recent technology offering a high level of power. The wave pulses are very short, which reduces heat emission and provides optimal patient comfort. This type of laser is therefore ideal for treating areas of the face and therefore removing permanent makeup.

Picosecond laser make-up removal: treated colors

First of all, it should be noted that a laser tattoo removal is performed on makeup that is more than 2 months old so that the pigment is completely fixed on the skin. Concerning the treated colors, it is necessary to know that the process allows to erase makeup of any color. With the new picosecond laser technology, difficult shades such as beige or light pink sometimes found in color blends can be removed more easily, although this may require more sessions. Fortunately, Bye Bad Tattoo packages are designed to minimize costs for the client. It is important to know that during the sessions, the color may turn before being completely erased.

What are the advantages of picosecond laser tattoo removal?

If picosecond laser tattoo removal is so popular, it is because of the many advantages it provides. Here are the most important ones.

An effective technique

Picosecond laser tattoo removal is the most effective technique for removing permanent makeup. The method owes its effectiveness to the new technology of the material. The pico laser is based on the same principle as the other types of laser.

It propels, at a very high speed, a light wave that the practitioner will direct towards the made-up areas to fragment the pigments. But compared to previous laser models, the picosecond laser propagates its wave a thousand times faster (10 to 12 seconds). It targets fragments with greater precision and also reaches the finest particles. Hence its optimal efficiency.

The simplest and most popular method

Picosecond laser tattoo removal is also the simplest tattoo removal technique available today. After an initial consultation including a health questionnaire and a test on the tattoo, the practitioner will schedule an appointment. On the day, he will apply an anaesthetic cream to the areas to be treated (eyebrows, lips) and then target them with the laser for a few minutes. The session will be completed after the area has been disinfected and protected. This method is very popular because it preserves the epidermis to the maximum.

A quick and painless tattoo removal

Finally, picosecond laser tattoo removal is very fast. Indeed, the duration of the process depends on the tattooed areas but the laser hits the pigment very quickly which will allow relatively short sessions. Moreover, given its effectiveness, it requires fewer sessions. Moreover, the picosecond laser does not cause any burns because of its very fast action, which is more comfortable for the patient and manageable in terms of pain. Whether on the eyebrows or lips, the procedure leaves no scars or marks whatsoever. Thanks to this technology, say bye bye to your recalcitrant or aging permanent makeup and get a clean face.


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