Feb 2023
The advantages of the picosecond laser

How to remove a tattoo by picosecond laser?

Tattoo removal is a paradoxical intervention, since it seeks to remove a tattoo without surgery, while the very nature of a tattoo is to be indelible! The Picoway picosecond laser is a real revolution in this respect, offering a more effective, faster and safer tattoo removal on all skin types and almost all tattoo colors. Find out why!

What is the picosecond laser?

A picosecond laser is part of the pigment lasers, allowing to destroy natural pigments (vascular lesions, melanin…) or exogenous pigments (skin tattoo, permanent make-up…).

What is the best laser to choose for a tattoo removal ?

Laser tattoo removal works with intense light energy. Depending on the chosen wavelength, the photon particles are absorbed by one color or another to be transformed into heat.

The latter will then “pulverize” the pigments into tiny fragments, before being progressively digested by the skin’s macrophages.

This is how the color pigment is magically destroyed and the targeted shade fades.

This explains why theeffect of tattoo removal is finally seen in two stages: an immediate effect when the pigment is broken down and diluted, then a delayed effect when the pigment is eliminated locally, after about 2 to 4 weeks.

Understand the difference between a Q Switched laser and a pico second laser

The effectiveness of a tattoo removal laser depends on the energy released, but there is a potential risk: the greater the power, the greater the risk of side effects on the skin! This is where the Pico medical laser represents a real revolution, thanks to its pulse that is 1000 times shorter than a traditional Q Switched pigment laser. Imagine that a picosecond is barely a thousandth of a billionth of a second! This way, power is favored, without the risks.


Why have a Picoway laser tattoo removal: advice and benefits?

The many advantages of the Picoway laser explain all the positive reviews for a tattoo removal.

Removing a tattoo with a picosecond laser is more effective

Thanks to the combination of several wavelengths with increased power, the pico laser is effective on practically all tattoos, no matter how complex or how many colors they have, except for yellow.

The higher energy delivered facilitates the micronization of the pigments, which makes their resorption faster and more complete: the result is a clearer and more homogeneous skin, allowing retattooing for those who wish it.

On the other hand, it is sometimes possible to combine it with a photo-thermal mode, allowing the skin to be rejuvenated and thus to enhance its radiance and freshness.

Forgetting your tattoo is really like regaining your youth!

Removing a tattoo by Picoway laser, it’s faster

The power of the Picoway laser allows to reduce the duration of the sessions, but also their number and their spacing. Indeed, both pigment resorption and skin healing are faster than with a Q Switched laser. Where a traditional protocol requires 5 to 10 sessions spaced 4 to 8 weeks apart on average, the speed of Pico laser tattoo removal easily saves 1 to 3 months over a complete protocol.

This is far from being anecdotal, because a tattoo removal often meets deep intimate needs: we want to do it quickly and well!

It’s safer to get a tattoo removal with a pico laser

The high precision of the pico pigment laser allows it to be used on all types of skin, at high power, without dermatological risk.

During the session and during the healing process, the effects of heat or pain are effectively reduced, making each appointment more comfortable, for a painless tattoo removal. Since skin inflammation is limited, the risk of rebound pigmentation or scarring reaction also becomes much rarer, which reassures the patient.

What are the precautions after a pico laser session to remove a tattoo?

The laser remains a medical device, which must be examined by a specialist before any tattoo removal procedure.

In general, it is necessary to intervene on a non-tanned and non-congested skin. Tattoo removal sessions performed during the summer months will require extra vigilance in order to protect the area with a sunscreen or a bandage if the area allows it.

After the Pico laser session, we recommend moisturizing the skin with an emollient and soothing repair care. The formation of small scabs is possible: don’t worry, they will eventually fall off in a few days.

Over the course of the sessions, you will see the colors of the tattoo to be removed fade, generally leading to its total disappearance, without any halo phenomenon.

Thanks to the Pico laser, the skin regains all its radiance and beauty, making the stigma of the old tattoo quickly and permanently forgotten!

A successful tattoo removal is like a new beginning! You can’t miss it!



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